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“Frazier Care camps and programs  gives back to the
community that made him the person he is today ”

In 2017, Frazier Cares hosted its first Frazier Cares Elite Football Camp & Showcase. This is a free event held in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is designed to deliver a solid foundation in football fundamentals to youth ages 7 through 17/18.

During the camp, attendees not only participate in drills and competitions that allow them to develop and refine their skills, but they will also learn invaluable lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and perseverance.

The Camp & Showcase also features health experts, athletics trainers, and college academic advisors as guest speakers who address the youth participants, parents, coaches, and volunteers on health and safety related topics. These topics include nutrition and hydration, recognizing concussion, injury prevention, and other health priorities.

Kavon’s goal for the Camp & Showcase is to give back to the community that made him the person he is today as well as showcase the talent of the youth in the Grand Rapids area, which is often overlooked. Furthermore, he wants to serve as an example to the youth that with a bit of hard work, effort, and motivation, you can get where you want to in life.